Software designed by Earney Bitcoin.


Earney Task Manager Bot

Earney Task Manager Bot allows users to earn TRX by performing simple online tasks such as sharing content on social media, commenting, joining channels and airdrops, downloading and installing games or applications, writing article or creating youtube videos, memes, graphics.. virtual any task can be paid for.

Anyone can hire thousands of users to do any type of simple online task automatically.

As workers complete tasks workers will be submitted along with proof such as screenshot or links, videos, images or other files.

The task owner checks and approves all work before the user is paid.. the system acts as a middle man between employers and employees and allows anyone to hire a huge army of workers.

You can use this tool to promote crypto projects, affiliate systems, social media profiles, boost your videos, upvote you, follow you and so much more.


Mycred To Bitcoin + Affiliate System

This wordpress plugin enables mycred to Faucetpay payments, a much sought after mycred to cash wordpress plugin that allows you to convert mycred points into faucet pay payments.

Mycred is a powerful points system that allows you to make any type of monetized website, you can give points for referrals, page visits, writing blog articles – basically any action on wordpress can be monetized.

With WordPress and Mycred you can easily create affiliate systems, free bitcoin faucets, token and coin airdrops, paid forums, paid to blog sites, video websites, gaming websites – anything you can imagine.

The plugin also adds extra functionality to the affiliate system and gives you powerful options for providing micro payments on different user actions.

The plugin will be made available for free shortly.. stay tuned.


NFT Gorilla

NFT Gorilla is currently under construction and will be a platform for buying rare crypto NFTs and virtual items for the meta verse, gaming worlds and virtual realities.

Our virtual collectibles will be very limited in supply and new items will be created often.

The system will run on it’s own Binance smart chain token called GRLLA.

All sales on NFT gorilla will be done in $GRLLA.

NFT Gorilla will have a 10% affiliate referral system which will be fully decentralized and allow users to receive payments instantly as soon as a sale is made.